billified ([personal profile] billified) wrote2017-01-20 09:03 am


So today is the day. Depending upon who you ask, today either marks the beginning of the end or just another day in American politics. Of those who believe the end is near, it's split on whether that is a good thing or not.

Me? I'm already looking towards 2018 and more importantly 2020...hoping those elections are where third parties finally gain some traction. Make no mistake about it, the next four years are brought to you by the Republican and the Democratic parties both. Donald Trump did everything he could short of killing puppies on live TV to hinder his chances of being elected. And the Democrats helped him win by nominating (against their voters wishes) someone who couldn't beat the worst candidate since Hitler. Forty percent of Trump's voters chose him because he wasn't Hillary. That tells me the Democrats could have nominated a fence post and won. Hell, John Kerry may have been able to beat Trump.

So here's to hoping Trump proves us all wrong, and/or this is the end of two party politics in America for good.